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Parallax Websites

What is Parallax? (Webpage Version)

The term “parallax” has been around for decades in one way or another but made popular by video games using background images scrolling at different speeds to the foreground, thus giving the illusion of a 2D effect. This same method is used in a parallax website, the background scrolls vertically while the main page contents move at different speeds…the best way to see the effect in action is to view our demo.

Our Parallax Site Demo

Click here to open a new window containing our parallax demo…this is a simple demo with the navigation starting at the footer. Click on a link and watch the page background and foreground scroll at different speeds, the scroll speed can be adjusted to requirements as well as background image sizes. Our websites/pages are now fully responsive which means they work on all mobile devices and screen sizes.

Wordpress Dashboard

You In Control

As with all our WordPress developed websites you have total control of editing the page content within your own online dashboard. A separate window within the dashboard allows you to change colours of the finished theme including fonts and backgrounds.

Expensive Construction Right?

No, parallax websites are generally one continuous page separated by the parallax backgrounds…this makes the development quicker and less budget busting on your business plan. Contact me now for a quick rundown and charges.

Paying A Visit?

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