Gutenberg Editor Is Coming

Gutenberg Editor is coming to WordPress like it or not!

Yep its coming folks and its coming to your WordPress core sooner than you think in 5.0 (we are on 4.9). WordPress tell us to expect it in April 2018.

So What Is Gutenberg? and why is it the biggest thing to happen to WordPress since the mighty CMS was conceived?

Gutenberg is your new editor that you will be working with if you use the core WordPress editor to edit your pages. Gone will be the plain edit window with minimal formatting tools that you are used to. Instead you will be faced with adding and editing blocks of content, be it a text block, image block or accordion block. If you are used to the page builder ‘Visual Composer’ then it’s a simpler concept where you add shortcodes which are your blocks.

When the dust settles and we all get used to Gutenberg I am sure it will be worth the while, after all it is deemed to save on premium plugins and elements that might even put me out of a job ?

Here are some links that will explain it far better from WordPress than I can:

Having listened to the latest ‘State of the Word’ presentation by Matt Mullenweg (developer of WordPress) it seems they have a little way to go to iron out any issues with your 3rd party plugins and page builders. We are also told that they will not totally ban the current editor upon launch just yet…PHEW!

I guess for me a developer that greatly uses the page builder ‘Elementor’ I am hoping that sites will not take on any issues while this update is being rolled out, I know for a fact that developers of software I use to assist in constructing your sites are working hard to avoid issues.

Be assured I will monitor any issues closely.

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