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95% of the Websites I develop on the Sunshine Coast are now built using WordPress, here are a few reasons why.

WordPress – The Platform

WordPress latest figures show that the platform powers over 28% of the entire web…now that’s an enormous chunk to chew on! Huge companies such as Sony, Mercedes-Benz and Variety all use WordPress in one way or another within their web development…which is one of the reasons I use WordPress as my chosen framework to help develop my clients websites.

Designed Around Your Business

Websites these days are now a natural extension of your Business/Company not to mention social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to name a few.  Promoting your brand image is all part of site development and adding custom specific user functionalities is where WordPress shines through again and again.

Website Design using WordPress

WordPress – Puts You In Control

One of the benefits for building and developing your site within WordPress is to allow you the ability to edit the site when and where you wish. You tell me the areas you wish to manage, edit, and execute and I will make this possible for you. WordPress has a plugin for just about every function you wish to add to your website…almost everything is possible.

Easy Learning Curve

WordPress makes it very easy for you to edit and manage your site. The image above displays the basic editing window in the WordPress dashboard. Once the site is completed and handed over I give a short back-end tour and tutorial before you are let loose to create and excel…Oh and if the unexpected happens, I am here for fast help & support.

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